David Sparte was born on May 21, 1988 in Paris. Raised in a family of artists, he grew up to the rhythm of his father’s guitar riffs “Nono”, founding member of “Trust”, a band whose single “Antisocial” has become mythic… and to the sound of the raspy voice of his mother, Stevie Himburg, a singer and an actress.

At a very young age, she encouraged him to follow his artistic callings such as drawing, painting and acting. David became interested in music at the age of 11, when he discovered singing and composing. He has devoted himself entirely to these fields since then.


David Sparte is a French songwriter, composer and singer passionate about music. In addition to his solo career, he also is a member of the Rock band called “NNK”. With this band he shares the stage with his father.
When asked what he listened to when he was younger and about his sources of inspiration, he cites the greatest references. “I should tell you that my parents paid attention to the music my ears were exposed to … I would listen to Toto, the Police, the Rolling Stones, Uzeb, Janis Joplin, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Mozart, Chopin …” When David was about 12, after buying Dr Dre’s “Chronic 2001” album, he began to really get into hip-hop.

“When I was a teenager, I started listening to Rap and I immediately took to French artists such as NTM, Assassin or IAM, in addition to American artists such as Dr Dre, 2Pac, Nas, among many others. I had a small recording studio in my basement and I spent days, nights, months creating sounds, writing lyrics.”

As an author composer and singer David Sparte writes powerful, dense and flamboyant music with a mix of blues, pop and hip-hop. His emotional voice carries his tunes with strength and unity. He gets his inspiration from the past, the present, everyone’s lives, taking a fresh and anti-conformist approach. His frank lyrics illustrate disturbing or irritating everyday stories. David Sparte is a modern-day story-teller who offers us a sometimes dark but totally unbiased vision of reality.


In 2010, he collaborated with the French recording label “Wati B” and also composed two singles for “La SEXION D’ASSAUT” “Tel père tel fils” (2010), for their album “L’école des points vitaux”, and “O’Brothers” (2011), for their album “En attendant l’apogée”.
In 2014, he signed the composition and production of NKK’s latest album entitled “Father n’ Son” in which he also is the main singer. At the beginning of 2015, David Sparte released several singles available online on free download, among which the club banger “You make me feel so bad”.

On October 31, 2016, David Sparte also releases his first self-produced project of 10 tracks, an EP entitled “OUT OF THE BOX”.


Eradicate bias, prejudice, shake things up and make them evolve, this is the message conveyed in my songs.